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Mammoth Motocross 2017 | Vet Weekend

The first weekend—and most fun for all the old guys—at the 50th Annual Mammoth Motocross wrapped up with some unforgettable good times, close racing, and plenty of ice cold 805 beers. Being that most, if not all, of the Vet racers have to clock in at work on Monday morning, the Vet weekend is usually more about having a good time than setting the world on fire with lap times, big whips, and risky passes. Sure, the racing can get intense, but once the checkered flag waves, the boys can be seen high-fiving each other and laughing about the prior battle.

Rather than bore you, though, about the mundane details of the weekend, we thought some bullet points, and a ton of bitchin' photos would be a better fit.


-It's tough to come off the couch and pound out 10 laps at 8,000 feet elevation. Sean Collier did his best, though, leading each moto until about lap six when his tongue got caught in his spokes

-Darryn Durham dominated the Support Class on a Manny Gasper Racing YZ450F, setting some blazing lap times along the way. His last lap of the weekend was a blistering 1:58.5

-Fasthouse went 1-2-3 in the Support Class. Durham, RJ Wageman, and Ikua Hughes completed the podium

-805 Beer is best served cold after a long, hot moto

-Aside from some bumps and bruises, everyone left the mountain in one piece

-Kenny Alexander won practice. Like literally led every lap until the red flag was waving

-Caile Noble gave vintage Smoke And Fire winner Nick LaPaglia a run for his money, finishing only bike lengths behind the CZ rider at the finish

-Olympic downhill skier Daron Rahlves and FH crew member Terry Cook had epic battles in the 40-Plus Class

-Arik Swan found that bears do like cocktails as much as we do

-Now in its third year, the Smoke And Fire race was stacked with two gate drops

-Mammoth still gets just as rough as it used to 50 years ago

-The new whoop section in the back was a lot of fun

-The new Fasthouse gear turned plenty of heads. Check out the online store once we're all back from the mountain next week

-Dirt bikes are fun

Photos by Max Mandell