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On Point | Style With Ricky Diaz

When it comes to riding style, Fasthouse rider Ricky Diaz has some of the smoothest most fluid style on a bike. But not only that, he also likes to make sure his kit is dialed in—matching gloves, helmet, boots, goggles… the list goes on. Simply put, he’s one of the riders that even if he doesn’t always win the race, he still looks the raddest. If you want your kit to be on point, follow his simple eight rules outlined below, because after all, the most important thing in the race isn’t the start, it’s style.

1. Be Creative:

“You're never going to stand out at the track if you're wearing the same thing as everyone else. Take a chance and try something different. That girl you just threw a whip for will appreciate it.”

2. Keep It Simple:

”Once you start being creative; be aware of overkill. Matching components in your kit will look rad, but there's a fine line between it looking cool and it being a little over the top.”

3. Helmet Is Key:

“Let the helmet dictate the rest of your gear. Helmets are the centerpiece of a complete gear set. Start there first, and then work your way down the line.

4. Visor Placement:

“Get that visor all the way up. And yes, even if it's late in the day and you're being blinded by the sun. Style over function.”

5. Keep ‘Em Clean:

“Keep those white boots, white. For me, nothing ruins a cool looking set up than a pair of boots that are permanently stained yellow. Wash them as soon as you get home. Use some comet, and an SOS pad, and get to scrubbin’.”

6. Jersey Check:

“Keep your jersey in check. Tucked in too tight and you'll look like you're on your way to prom. All the way out and you'll look like a five-year-old running around in his dad's t-shirt. If it’s super hot outside, un-tuck the back to get the air flowing. A little bit of jersey flapping in the wind doesn’t hurt.”

7. Goggle Lens:

“Everyone develops their own little preferences. For me, I'll typically match the color of my lens on my goggles with my gloves or jersey. And while we’re talking about goggles, make sure the strap is always straight.”

8. No Football Players:

“If you're sporting a chest protector that is meant to be worn over the jersey, then wear it over the jersey. Believe it or not, a bulky chest protector under your jersey only works on the football field.”

Photos by Brendan Lutes, Max Mandell, and Mike Emery