The Scene

Professional Happy Hour | Fast Guys Break In Glen Helen

Sure, to many people summertime means bikinis, tropical drinks, and—depending on where you live—sandy beaches. But for anyone who's into motocross, summer means the start of the National motocross series. It's the time of year when the best riders in the world transition from the tight confines of stadiums across the country to the wide open motocross tracks that are usually found in the middle of nowhere. It's motocross that brings out the hardcore fans of the sport, and it's the time of year we love.

This week, Glen Helen Raceway—home of Red Bull Day In The Dirt and round two of the Nationals—played host to the top riders, holding a pro only practice session. For one hour, the entire National track was opened up complete with a massive uphill triple and a downhill double jump. It was just enough to wet our appetite for what's to come at Hangtown a week from now.

Photos by Brendan Lutes