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Project Black Sabbath | Gasper Racing Two-Stroke

Our friends are rad, and Manny Gasper loves to build bad ass bikes for us to enjoy. In a project that started nine months ago, Manny teamed up with renowned engine and bike builder Luc "Frenchie" Caouette to create one of the coolest two-strokes around. Wanting to build not only a good-looking machine, but a fire-breather, Frenchie and Manny decided to bore the YZ250 out to a 300 and provide the internals with everything to make the bike absolutely rip. When it was all said and done, the YZ300 that has been lovelying dub "Black Sabbath" is one insane machine to look at, and it's music to the ears when it's ripping around a track. Stay tuned for our plans with the bike...

Photos by Brendan Lutes