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Real Moto 2016 | Steve Haughelstine Delivers

Steve Haughelstine has been a long-time friend and supporter of Fasthouse. Most noteable, though, he was one of the featured riders for the recent Point Break remake and won gold as a filmer for last year's X Games Real Moto competition. This year, he did things his way. And after earning an invite to the contest, he decided he would not only produce another bad ass segment, but he would do it by filming himself riding and then edit it all together; escentially doing the job of three people all by himself. What he came away with is not only jaw-dropping for the simple fact that he filmed it himself and rode in it, but the shots and riding in the video are incredible. He even did drone shots alone, setting the drone on waypoints and then timing it to be at the perfect spot when he took off each jump. Watch, enjoy, and don't forget to vote for him.



After the show aired this past weekend, it was announced that Haughelstine took the gold medal. And since he not only rode in the video, but shot it and edited it himself, he was awarded two golds. Congrats on the medals and excellent job, Steve!