The Scene

T-Mac's Rampage

Fasthouse was excited to support Tyler McCaul this year at Red Bull Rampage in Utah. This wasn’t his first rodeo at Rampage so he was well-prepared. Tyler and his dig crew showed up to the new site ready to put some time in on the mountain and ended up spending a full week digging his line before the big show on Friday. Of course Tyler found one of the biggest drops on the mountain and named it, “Triple Dipper.” With a two-run format, Tyler took off for his first run with a lot of anticipation about the Triple Dipper. He was off to a good start and had a crash right before the big drop. Now the pressure was on to have a clean second run. His second run down his line was smooth and calculated and he cleaned the Triple Dipper, ending up in 6th place and qualifying for next year’s Rampage.  

From Tyler:

"Rampage 2018 was 2 weeks of some of the most challenging digging and riding we’ve ever seen. The new venue made for a ton of work, but it also made for an insane event. With so much digging involved at the new venue, I never once got to do a top to bottom run in practice. My dig crew crushed it on the digging and we were able to get the line done just in time. I was only able to hit most of the features once individually before finals day. Run 1 started off with a huge crash that I was lucky to be able to walk away from. In run 2 my goal was to just make it down the hill. In the end, I was able to snag a 6th place and overall I’m pretty content with that finish. Can’t thank everyone enough for their help and I’m already looking forward to next year." 

Photos: @maddogboris